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Cheers for the photo, Mark Radford


With experience in high-level production and world tours for over 17 years I am qualified in many aspects of live engineering from large scale corporate events and theatre tours to concert, sporting events and live TV work.

Having built up an extensive amount of experience in the many arenas of this industry I understand the need to offer both a client-facing and amenable outlook, but also to manage time and prioritize efficiently whilst staying collected under pressure. A good sense of humour also goes a long way…


I started my audio life working in a sound company’s warehouse department straight from school and this lead to real understanding of the industry from the ground up. Within my first year I had learned how to coil a mean multicore and had installed sound systems in two West End theatres. After 5 years I went on to work for another leading sound company in the UK and shortly after jumped into the world of freelancing.

As a freelancer I gained experience with top level event productions such as the Olympic Games and G20 Summit where the highest level of professionalism was needed. I then spent many years in a variety of countries on world tours with theatre productions and concerts which led me to a practical knowledge of many different audio systems, consoles and ways of working.

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